Project Panorama – Easy Digital Downloads


With the Project Panorama – Easy Digital Downloads integration, it becomes a piece of cake to sell projects on your WordPress site. This integration makes it so downloads within the EDD plugin can be considered “projects”. When those downloads are purchased, a project will be created. The customer will be given a link to the project and administrators can view and modify it as well.

Licensing and Support

To activate your license key and access premium support:

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Navigate to Downloads -> Settings -> Extensions -> Project Panorama and activate your license key (which you can find on your purchase history page)

Once activated, a Support Form will appear on the page and you will be able to contact us directly from within your WordPress site.

Connecting downloads to projects

When using this integration, not all downloads will be considered projects. Only the downloads which you specifically designate as projects will generate projects upon customer purchase.

To designate a download as a project, simply create a new download (or edit an existing one) and check the box in the right sidebar to enable the integration.

checkbox to turn download into project

If you do not see a checkbox but instead a message warning you that guest checkout cannot be enabled, simply follow the link in the message and disable guest checkout. This integration will not work if customers do not register for a user account.



  • Projects are now created for each Download in the cart with Project Creation enabled rather than only one for the whole purchase
    • Projects created with earlier versions of this plugin will continue to work normally, but a database upgrade will be prompted to move around some data within the EDD Purchase records
  • The psp_edd_project_created action has been added so that 3rd party code can be ran after Project creation


  • Improves updater code
  • Updates our licensing and support module to the latest version


  • Fixes an issue where the Upgrade Routine would hit a PHP error.


  • Moves the Licensing and Support fields to be under Downloads -> Settings -> Extensions -> Project Panorama so that they can be reached by Project Panorama Lite users


  • Supports both Project Panorama Free and Pro


  • Compatibility with EDD Auto Register
  • Updates our Support and Licensing module to the latest version
  • Corrects typo in the Plugin Header


  • License Key entry moved to Projects -> Settings -> Addons -> EDD Integration Support
  • Support Form has been added to this page as well for Active Licenses.
  • Some code reorganization


  • Initial release