Project Panorama Gantt Charts


Setting up Project Panorama Gantt Charts

Creating a Gantt chart is extremely simple. Here’s what you need to do:

Define your labels

Labels are the names of the resources you will be assigning tasks to. These can be the names of individuals, roles, departments or anything else you think of based on the needs of your project. To setup your labels, go to Projects – > Settings – > Addons – > Gantt Chart Task Labels and you’ll see the setting for adding, editing and removing labels.

Setting Gantt Task Colors

You can define a pool of colors for your Labels to use on the Gantt Chart. This does not allow you to directly color specific Labels, but you can restrict your Gantt Chart to only using colors from a specific pool of colors. If you do not utilize Labels with your Tasks or only use a single Label, each Task will be the same color. Otherwise, each Label will pull a color from the list. If you have more Labels in use for your Chart than colors defined, then colors will be repeated. To set up these colors, go to To setup your labels, go to Projects – > Settings – > Addons – > Gantt Chart Chart Task Colors.


Activate a Gantt chart on a project

It is possible that not every project will need a Gantt chart. So if you do want one included, simply edit a project and in the Overview section, check the box that says “Show Gantt chart”.

Configure your tasks

If you’ve already been using Project Panorama, it is likely that you’re familiar with adding and managing tasks within projects. When Gantt charts are activated, tasks get a few new options. These are:

  • End date
  • Dependencies
  • Label

These are the new fields that are needed for the Gantt chart to populate properly. Simply proceed as usual with your task management but complete these new fields as well. Setting up tasks for Gantt chart



  • Improves updater code
  • Includes WordPress, PHP, and Project Panorama requirements and Tested To values in the readme.txt file
  • Updates our licensing and support module to the latest version


  • Prevents our plugin from attempting to load Select2 on Gravity Forms’ settings pages
  • Prevents a bug where the Confirmation and Notification pages in Gravity Forms could not be loaded.


  • Addresses a bug during the v1.3.0 upgrade routine if a Project does not have any Phases saved.


  • Adds psp_gantt_chart_location_hook filter for customizing where on Project Single the Gantt Chart gets displayed


  • Fixes bug where Gantt Charts were not reading the Task ID correctly, causing some Charts to not render


  • Converts Gantt Chart to using the new Task ID system in Project Panorama
  • Clicking "Remove Task" now properly regenerates the Task Dependencies and otherwise also unsets any removed Dependencies from other Tasks that had them set as dependent upon it
    Changing a Task Name now automatically updates the Dependencies to match
  • Gantt Chart Task Colors are now customizable
    • Label colors are not customizable as part of this, but it does color Labels (Resources) using the defined colors as a pool of colors to choose from. Read the field description on the Settings Page for details.
  • Allows the Gantt Chart to be edited from the Frontend using the Project Panorama – Frontend Editor plugin via the Add Task button. Hovering over Tasks in that List also lets you Edit/Delete them.
    • This automatically redraws the Gantt Chart to reflect your changes.
  • Repeaters on the Settings Page are now always expanded without generic titles above them
    • Since there’s only 1 text input-sized item per repeater, having them collapsable barely saved any space anyway
  • Added support for installing betas directly from


  • Fixes plugin conflicts if ACF Pro is active
  • Updates our Licensing/Support module to the latest version


  • Fixes an issue where Task Names that had a space character at the start or end could break the Gantt Chart
  • Updates our Licensing/Support module to the latest version, allowing it to be translated as part of the plugin


  • Support Form now available on the Plugin Settings page
  • Fixed bug with Front End Editor where Dependencies wouldn’t load correctly
  • Added psp_gantt_localize_admin_script and psp_gantt_localize_front_script Filters.
    • The psp_gantt_localize_front_script Filter is particularly of note as it allows site owners to modify how the Gantt Chart gets built. See comments in the plugin code for documentation on the options available.
  • Organized the code a little better and added better documentation throughout


  • Fixes an issue where loading Gantt-specific fields on large Projects could crash the site


  • Fixes incompatibility with Project Panorama v1.5.2


  • Fix Chart Height bug that was cutting off Dates
  • Gantt Chart now uses the same Font as the rest of the Project page
  • Fixes some JavaScript errors


  • Prevent the Gantt Chart menu item from showing on the Panorama Dashboard and for Projects where it is not active.


  • Fixes a conflict with Front End Editor.


  • Fixes a conflict with Sensei.


  • Update Plugin Updater to the Latest Version.


  • Link to the page where you can enter your License Key now functions correctly if WordPress itself is located within a Subdirectory.


  • Date Format display on the Admin Edit Screen now uses the WordPress Date Format by Default.
    • Can be overriden via the new psp_gantt_date_format_override Filter using a jQuery UI Date Format String.
    • It will also adopt any WordPress Localization Settings for the Month/Day names automatically.
  • Localization Files have been added for translating the Plugin.
  • Passes Localization Setting from WordPress to`the Gantt Chart for things like Date Labels on the Horizontal Axis.
  • A fixed-height issue with the Gantt Chart has been addressed.


  • Fixed missing licensing file PHP error


  • Fix bug where Scripts/Styles weren’t being loaded on Project Panorama pages


  • Fixed PHP warning by using natsort() instead of ksort()


  • The Due Date Field is now only required if Gantt Charts are enabled for that Project.


  • Fixed a bug where if the Start Date and Due Date were the same for a Task, the Gantt Chart wouldn’t render properly.
  • Added ability for the User to scroll to any Start/Due Date Errors that prevented Form Submission.


  • Removed unneeded reference to Class function psp_addon_scripts


  • Removed unneeded reference to Class function admin_footer


  • Fixed URL for the License Activation Admin Notice


  • Initial release