LearnDash Bundle

Get our Gradebook, Slack, ConvertKit and MailChimp LearnDash addons for one low price!

Save over 20% by purchasing all four add-ons at once!

Each license level of this LearnDash bundle comes out to more than 20% savings compared to purchasing the addons individually.

LearnDash - MailChimp

Subscribe new and existing students to your email lists in MailChimp and segment them based on the courses they’ve taken.

LearnDash - Slack

Configure complex notifications based on numerous events within LearnDash and have them sent to your Slack team.

LearnDash - Gradebook

Add a gradebook and report cards to your LearnDash site.

LearnDash - ConvertKit

ConvertKit is one of the most powerful and popular email marketing automation tools around. This integration makes it possible to prompt students to subscribe to your lists with just a single click. Subscribers will also be tagged in ConvertKit based on the courses they enroll in which will enable you to send students targeted, relevant emails depending on their interests.