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LearnDash Slack allows for e-learning site owners to configure detailed notifications from their WordPress site to their team’s Slack channels. With this tool, everything that takes place on a LearnDash site from new user registrations to quiz completions, can now be configured to trigger a completely customizable alert into any Slack channel.

Completely customizable messages

For every registered event in LearnDash, a custom message to a Slack channel can be configured. These messages can include unique text, dynamic content, custom images and more. This allows for visually appealing yet relevant and informative alerts to be instantly posted to any desired channel or even directly to a specific user.

Easily configure unlimited notifications

Configuring new notifications is incredibly simple. The only requirements are a webhook URL from an active Slack account and a specified trigger. After that, alerts can be customized to look great and include any relevant information.

Tons of useful alert triggers

To really run a successful e-learning site, it is important to know what’s going on. This is why we worked hard to include event triggers for almost anything that occurs within LearnDash.

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Justin Ferriman

The LearnDash Slack integration is great for tracking real-time activity of your learning program. The custom alert feature in particular adds tremendous value and insight.

Adam Silver
Kitchen Sink WP

I’ve learned that it’s hard to run a successful e-learning site without keeping tabs on everything that occurs. With LearnDash Slack, I’m able to closely monitor all activity and events that I care about. It’s also super easy to use! Truly a must have.