Project Panorama – Gantt Chart

Add Gantt charts to Project Panorama Pro. Enhance your control of the project with start dates for tasks, and show task dependencies to visualize the critical path. Activate the display of Gantt Charts at the individual project level and automatically generate the display for review, without further configuration. Communicating progress has never been easier, right within WordPress.


Include Gantt charts in your project

With the Project Panorama – Gantt Chart addon, it is possible to further enhance your project visualizations by including beautiful Gantt charts right in your project page.

Easily create countless tasks

Using Project Panorama’s built in task creation tool, you can manage any number of tasks within phases and assign them dates and dependencies.

Configure task labels for assigning resources

Easily manage the resources assigned to each task by creating labels to choose from within the plugin’s settings.

Show task dependencies

Defining task dependencies is simple and provides everyone with a clear view of the required order tasks must be completed in.

Provide details about each task

Team members viewing the Gantt chart can interact with items to better understand their context and progress. Hovering over each task provides additional details.

Ross Johnson
Project Panorama

“Gantt charts are a powerful way to visualize a project roadmap. So much information can be obtained with a quick glance. The Gantt add-on will give your team and clients that much more insight on what has happened and what will happen next.”

Adam Silver
Kitchen Sink WP

“Project Panorama is an amazing tool for project visualization. But including the Gantt Chart add-on really takes it to a whole new level. With it, every member on my team can quickly view the status and timeline of all tasks in a project so everyone’s on the same page. I love it!”


  • PHP 5.3
  • Project Panorama Pro 1.4
  • WordPress 4.2

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