Easy Digital Downloads – iDevAffiliate


Once you have completed your purchase of the iDevAffiliate integration for Easy Digital Downloads, download the plugin’s .zip file from your account page and install it on your website by going to Plugins – > Add New – > Upload Plugin. Once the plugin is installed and activated you can proceed to the settings which are found in Downloads – > Settings – > Extensions – > iDevAffiliate.

There are only two settings. The first requires you to enter a URL which you will obtain from within your iDevAffiliate account. The second setting allows you to define the commission amount which will be sent to iDevAffiliate for each applicable purchase.


1.2.0, 11/01/2017

1.1.2, 07/012016

  • Fixed version definition causing update failures.

1.1.1, 06/08/2016

  • Added missing activation file which caused activation error.

1.1.0, 01/18/2016

  • Added localization support.
  • Added ability to send either the Total, Total without taxes, or Subtotal to iDevAffiliate.
  • Moved iDevAffiliate Settings from the Misc tab to the Extensions tab under Settings using EDD 2.5’s Settings Sections. It falls back to Misc if EDD 2.5 isn’t installed.
  • iDevAffiliate call now uses wp_safe_remote_get() rather than cURL directly.
  • Refactored plugin to be encapsulated in a PHP Class.

1.0.2, 03/27/2015

  • Fixed a bug with item amounts not being sent to iDevAffiliate