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Client Dash WP Help Add on

Integrates content from WP Help with Client Dash by displaying it on the FAQ tab under the Help page.

Client Dash Pro

Extend Client Dash with numerous powerful WordPress dashboard customization features.

EDD Message

Introduces a new messaging interface in Easy Digital Downloads. Allows site owners to send unique messages and files directly to customers and Frontend Submissions vendors as well as allowing vendors to likewise message their own customers.

LearnDash – Gradebook

Introduces a powerful grading and report card system for LearnDash. Easily define grade weights for quizzes and assignments while monitoring student progress.

LearnDash – Slack

LearnDash Slack allows for e-learning site owners to configure detailed notifications from their WordPress site to their team’s Slack channels. With this tool, everything that takes place on a LearnDash site from new user registrations to quiz completions, can now be configured to trigger a completely customizable alert into any Slack channel.

Easy Digital Downloads – Compare Products

The Compare Products extension allows any WordPress e-commerce store to feature elegant, intuitive product comparison tables. Customers are able to generate comparisons on their own by simply selecting items from your catalog and then viewing the results. Additionally, manually configured comparisons can be generated by you so that you can present visual, detailed product comparisons of […]

Project Panorama – Slack

The Slack integration for Project Panorama gives you the ability to configure an unlimited number of triggers within your projects to send notifications to your specified Slack team. Controls for formatting the notifications, selecting channels and defining triggers are all included and extremely easy to use.

Project Panorama – Gantt Chart

Add Gantt charts to Project Panorama Pro. Enhance your control of the project with start dates for tasks, and show task dependencies to visualize the critical path. Activate the display of Gantt Charts at the individual project level and automatically generate the display for review, without further configuration. Communicating progress has never been easier, right within WordPress.  

Render Project Panorama

Integrates Project Panorama shortcodes with Render to enable easy management and insertion of project related content into post content and sidebars.

Render Easy Digital Downloads

Easily insert Easy Digital Downloads shortcodes into content (or sidebars) via the Render interface. In addition, be able to take advantage of easy to use input fields for the shortcodes instead of referring to documentation and be given a live preview of the shortcode’s output in the content editor!