Sugar Calendar Customizer


Using the Plugin

On first activation, you’ll be greeted with a notification window directing you to go under Appearance -> Customizer.

This will only show once, so you can dismiss it if you choose to or navigate directly to Appearance -> Customizer.

Once you’ve gone to this page, if you go under the “Sugar Calendar” panel, you’ll see additional panels to navigate to to access settings for both the Calendar and Event List views. If you navigate to a page on your site showing these items, you can see your changes in real time! There are many options that you can adjust as necessary, so do whatever fits best with your site’s theme and your brand.

Receiving Plugin Updates and Support

To enter your License Key, navigate to Calendar – > Settings – > Customizer License and Support and enter your license key (which you can find on your purchase history page).

Once you hit “Activate”, you will be shown a success message and a Support Form will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. You can submit support requests directly from this form and you’ll receive updates to the plugin directly in your WordPress dashboard.


v1.0.0  12/18/2019

  • Initial Release