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Sugar Calendar Customizer

Fully customize the appearance of Calendars and Event Lists in Sugar Calendar.

Customize your Calendars and Event Listings to your liking

This plugin adds an easy-to-use interface directly to the WordPress Customizer which will show you your changes to the appearance of your Calendars and Event Lists. Making a calendar match your brand has never been easier! 

Change as Many or as Few Settings as You Would Like

Whether you only want to change the font-size of the Days of the Week in your Calendar or you are wanting to change every setting to match your needs, all changes can be viewed directly on your site before being applied. 

Compatible with both the Pro and Lite versions of Sugar Calendar

Regardless of whether you have the Pro or Lite versions of Sugar Calendar, this plugin will allow you to customize the appearance of your Calendars and Event Lists in the same way. 

Still need Sugar Calendar?

You can purchase the Pro version of Sugar Calendar here. Otherwise, you can pick up the Lite version here.

Kyle Maurer
Sandhills Development

I’m incredibly impressed with this extension for Sugar Calendar. It integrates so seamlessly with the WordPress customizer, is super easy to use, and makes virtually any styling request possible for non-developers to implement. Every Sugar Calendar site should be using this plugin too.