Client Dash Pro

Contact the premium support team from within your website with an easy-to-use form.

Add custom pages to the WordPress administrative screen

Client Dash Pro gives you the administrative power to add custom pages to the WordPress administrative screen. What does this mean for you? You can easily add, and customize, pages for your clients and users right from the page editor; never touch any code.

Customize the pages using familiar tools

With Client Dash Pro you can use the WordPress page editor to create these custom pages. This means you can manage these pages with an interface you’ve used before. Rather than diving into code, you can easily customize pages in minutes.

Control who sees the pages

Create different pages for different people. Simply select the capability required to view the page and then only users with that capability will be able to view it.

Premium support easy access

Contact the premium support team from within your website with an easy-to-use form.

Adam Silver
Kitchen Sink WP

I have a lot of clients and I take pride in providing them a great experience within the dashboard of their sites. Client Dash really makes that possible and the Pro features are invaluable. I use it to make helpful, custom admin pages within each client’s site. Fantastic value!

Carol Davis
Charlotte's Web Design

I love Client Dash Pro! Being able to contact support right within my dashboard is so convenient and I definitely have lots of use cases for custom admin pages.

Ross Johnson
Project Panorama

In my experience, the WordPress dashboard provides little value to most clients and website owners. Client Dash changes all of this, making it easy to ensure your clients have access to critical information at their fingertips. I’m always impressed with the quality of work that Real Big Plugins puts out and Client Dash is no exception.

Evan Farmer
evanjfarmer webdev

Creating custom admin pages and manipulating the admin menu is extremely complicated and tedious if done manually. But with Client Dash Pro, it takes minutes. I use it on every single client site.